About Us

Creating a beautiful, functional, long-lasting structure is the work of experts; professionals who are as creative and visionary as they are precise and proficient. Your most innovative, creative and inspiring design ideas must be executed flawlessly. It’s a good thing flawless is what we do best.

Our team is focused on delivering an impeccable build every time. Our 17 years of experience allow us to deliver the most ambitious projects on time and on budget.

We believe a flawless build must have a synchronistic partnership of teams. That partnership carries the first-rate construction through to the last detail. The relationships we build through trust, respect and mutual admiration for great design, are paramount to us.


Alex Pulatani

Sales/Project Manager

Alex is dedicated to making the job perfect for his clients. He has been in construction for 18 years, and he learned from the best in business. Hisvast experience in construction and client services means he can get the result his clients desire, no matter how demanding the project.


Tom Pulatani

Forman/Project Manager

Growing up, Tom always knew that he would be a builder. His vision of creating fascinating structure was always with him,  and after he graduated from Hunter College, he worked on making that reality. After years of apprenticing with wonderful mentors, Tom and his brothers worked together, along with Frank, to create a wonderful business Tom truly enjoys.


Frank Cheung

Marketing/Project Manager

Frank always had a love for beautiful design. In 2005, he owned a Kitchen & Bath store, which opened new opportunities for his creative expression. Always adoring clean lines and "functional beauty", Frank realized that new construction was a better fit for the expression of his art; it was a bigger canvass with more intricate and complex issues that he enjoys solving.